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A Puzzling Thing

How does a human who is leading a horse after a 25 minute ride, in an instant, find themselves forcefully pulled through the air and thrown to the ground, but while quickly standing up, finds the horse on the ground too? Sure wish I had video of this.  I imagine we would all watch it […]

The Apple of Who’s Eye?

  Here’s a Just For Fun photo with In Motion Sport Horses. Can you see the colors of the camera and clothing worn by the shooter of the camera?

The Barn Loft

Why is it that putting hay into the barn usually happens on the hottest days of the year? Does it have something to do with “make hay while the sun shines”? I think it must. All I have to say is that I am very thankful to have a dry place to store a winter’s […]

A Future Hope

I hope when I am 70 years young, I too will be able to blog such a wonderful story! Read, smile, drop a tear or two and enjoy this link.

“Cute Pants”

So I’m standing at Red Box last night on my way home from work.  As a young lady walked past, she stopped and said “Cute pants, did you make them?”.  I replied, “No, they are riding breeches”.  She said “Oh, well they are really cute”.  Who knows.  Maybe a new trend will start and us riders […]

Really Cool Statue

I’d love to have one of these!

New Adventures with Horses

Here’s an awesome story written by a dear friend, about a recent horse camping experience we had together. Yes, even as a horse trainier in Southern Oregon, my vacations include riding horses! Enjoy the read!    

How to Ride A Horse

Camel Doing Dressage?

A Camel Doing Dressage?

A Camel Doing Dressage