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Here’s a linked article written by Dr. Mark Depaolo. I found it very interesting. What do you think?

Winter Blanketing Tips

With winter blanketing, sometimes comes the problem of shoulder rubs.  Over the years of using many brands of blankets on many an equine, here is the best solution I have found for shoulder rubs:  Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin.  It is a very soft, flannel like, fabric with an adhesive backing.  It comes in a 2-pack of padded or […]

Calvin’s Winter Haircut

Calvin is a wooly boy! It is so difficult to cool out a horse who has a thick winter coat. In Motion Sport Horses simple solution for such a problem is to body or trace clip. Calvin received his body clip a couple of weeks ago. He was such a good boy! After introducing the BIG clippers […]

Horse Immune Support

As a trainer in Southern Oregon, I was recently asked about building a horse’s immune system. The linked article is the result of the interview, in which I share about a product I have used for many years. I have seen it work well to cure snotty noses, fevers and coughs. I also use it […]

Growth Rates and Training Plans for Young Horse

Over the years I have had so many different young sport horses come into training at In Motion Sport Horses. It is always interesting to see how they are either mature or immature, both physically and mentally.  Some young horses are really ready to go into light work and some just are not. I recently […]


Would you like to earn a $30 or $50. credit toward your lesson or training bill? Refer others and if they become a consistent student, you earn a free lesson! If they put a horse into training, you earn $50. toward your own training bill! Pretty simple, but it’s my way of saying “Thank you”.

Pre-purchase Exams — Yes or No?

As a sport horse trainer in Oregon, I’ve had a variety of horses come and go through my barn.  Some of them have been sound and some have had soundness issues. Diagnosing a lame horse can be a challenge.  Is it joint related or soft tissue?  Of course, having a vet who’s really good at diagnosing […]

Don’t You Too, Buy The Wrong Horse

This is just a silly video, but with a good point.   When you want to purchase a horse, think through what your goals are for the horse and yourself.  It would be a good idea to list out your goals.  Then seek a professional consultation to help you sort out prospects.   The market is flooded with […]

How easily will your young horse learn?

I recently read an article titled “Recipe for a Riding Horse” in Dressage Today, written by Bob Orton with Louisa Zai. “From a training perspective, I have found that there are three basic kinds of horses:  10 percent are volunteers, 70 percent are draftees and 20 percent are draft dodgers. ” I would categorize volunteers as a […]

Clipper Care

Clippers are an essential tool among most disciplines. Yet perhaps, a tool that seems insignificant. Insignificant yes, until they aren’t working properly. Here is some helpful hints on how to keep your clippers in tip-top shape. If you live in an environment where there is moisture, it is imperative to keep your clippers in a […]