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Muti-Purpose Mares

Who says that dressage horses should just know dressage? Here at In Motion Sport Horses, I think horses should have opportunities to learn and experience different things. In this group of pictures, Tinkerbell is learning to be a pony horse, while Esmerelda learns to be ponied. The two mares, both of which compete at dressage, […]

Tinkerbell Under Saddle

Tinkerbell is a four-year old Oldenburg mare owned by Catherine Ulrey. I started her as a three-year old. She had a long hiatus in the pasture before returning to work this January. Below is a video of a recent training session.  She is headed for the dressage show ring this year!  

Inspiration for Youth, or All of Us?

There once was a Dutch immigrant during the Second World War. He came to America with his wife and very little money. His skill set: horses.  His name is Harry de Leyer.  For many years Harry worked as an instructor and trainer for a prominent girls school in New York.  He happened upon a horse […]

Trailer TLC

What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to completely clean, from top to bottom, the horse trailer!  I admit, it was long overdue!  It took me several afternoons, but the inside is pressure washed and sparkling.  The outside is hand washed, including the roof!  Even a few light bulbs were replaced.  There  is a sense of […]

The View From My Saddle

I must be one of the most privileged trainers on the planet!  Just look at the view from my saddle today!   I think keeping horses happy in their work is really important.  One of my approaches to accomplishing this is by cross training.  No matter what discipline a horses training is focus upon, trail rides […]

Important Training Principals

I recently read an article by Ingrid Klimke, Germany’s Olympic eventing gold medalist. She is the daughter of the late Dr. Reiner Klimke, who himself is a six-time Olympic gold medalist and a two-time bronze medalist.  The article served as a good reminder to all of us equestrians, no matter what discipline we are riding or training, […]

Barn Projects

It’s always so nice to get a project accomplished that has been on the “to do list” for months!  I added a shelf in the feed room to get more organized, improve visibility and get stuff off of the floor.  Here it is above the feed barrels. It holds supplements, as well as this and that! […]


Here’s a linked article written by Dr. Mark Depaolo. I found it very interesting. What do you think?

Calvin’s Winter Haircut

Calvin is a wooly boy! It is so difficult to cool out a horse who has a thick winter coat. In Motion Sport Horses simple solution for such a problem is to body or trace clip. Calvin received his body clip a couple of weeks ago. He was such a good boy! After introducing the BIG clippers […]

Why Do Shoulder-In?

The shoulder-in has many purposes. Here’s a few things the exercise will accomplish for your horse and how to execute it. Used primarily in the english world, keep in mind western riders, your horse may be one who would really benefit from it. The purposes of Shoulder-In: It establishes inside leg to outside rein connection It […]