October 18, 2011

Clipper Care

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Clippers are an essential tool among most disciplines. Yet perhaps, a tool that seems insignificant. Insignificant yes, until they aren’t working properly. Here is some helpful hints on how to keep your clippers in tip-top shape.

If you live in an environment where there is moisture, it is imperative to keep your clippers in a dry place.  A heated tack room during the wet winter months is great.  If you don’t have the luxury of a heated tack room, keep them in your house.  Moisture over time, is detrimental to the inner workings of clippers and will rust the blades in one season.

Liberally use clipper oil before, after and throughout your clipping job.  Be sure to oil the top of the blade, across the teeth, but also the lower half, part of which is hidden behind the body of the clipper.  This will prevent the blade from having “wear marks” or “grooves”, which are caused from friction and keep it clipping well.  Oil on the blades keeps them cool, as well.

Also throughout your clip job, use blade wash.  Pour a little of this into a small container, big enough for the head of the clippers to fit into.  Dunk just the ends of the blades into the blade wash and keep the clippers held upside down while the blade wash drains away.  This can be done while the clippers are running and is very important because it keeps the dirt and micro-fine hairs cleaned out of the blades.  However, blade wash will damage the motor if the clipper is submerged too deeply into it.  It is also highly important to reoil the blades before clipping commences.  Blade wash strips the oil from the blades.

For the longevity of your clipper investment, keep them in a very dry place and always have on hand, oil and blade wash.  The horses winter coats are growing!  So, happy and safe clipping!

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