Sometime around 1995, I asked a fellow horsewoman to teach me how to braid custom lead ropes.  Knowing we would soon head for different parts of the country, she orally recited the directions and I wrote them down.  I knew I wouldn’t remember without those directions.  Over the next couple of years and attempts at lead ropes, I would call her for clarification.  It was a great time to catch up with her and to perfect the written directions for braiding the lead ropes.


Here it is many years and ropes later.  I still have the original written directions, but don’t refer to them very often anymore.



The custom lead ropes come in a variety of color combinations.  You may order them directly from here, via email or feel free to call me at 503.383.2701 to place your order.

Just pick you custom color combo (2), and straight braid or diagonal braid pattern for your rope.  Ropes come with or without a snap.  They also have a loop end for easy snap connection or replacement.  They are approximately seven feet long or can be made in custom lengths.

The cost is $20 per rope, including a snap.  If you prefer to use your own snap, the cost is $15. each.  Please include $5 for shipping and handling.  Please send your check or money order to 2098 Dowell Road, Grants Pass, OR 97527

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