This is what can happen when you have a bold horse who loves to jump anything.

Look what I can do!

So I’m standing at the bottom of the stairs holding Checkers, an APHA mare in training.   I needed something from inside the house.  I let the slack out of the lead rope and climb the stairs to ring the door bell.  In the few minutes it took to get what I came to the house for, Checkers takes the 3′ jump up onto the porch to join me!!!

“Knock Knock!”

Now the trouble is the jump back down lands on concrete.  Not safe!  So I lead her all the way around the house on the covered deck, down 3 stairs to a large uncovered deck, from where she jumps 3′ down to the grassy yard.  The entire time she acts as if she is wondering why she’s never been invited onto the porch before!

"I'm Home"


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