January 17, 2012

Death in the Pasture

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Parley at 3 weeks old

It was a perfectly wonderful day. A dear friend had just arrived into town. I was saddled and riding a wonderful young mare. My friend was filming my ride. My own mare, Parley, began running around the pasture, just over the fence from the arena I was riding in. Her thoroughbred half was showing up and she was gallping flat out. Suddenly she fell. I saw her get up and from past experience of seeing other injured horses, I knew she was seriously injured.

I jumped off my mount and quickly tied her up. My friend had rushed to Parley. I rushed there too. Parley tried to walk from where she now stood. She had no support on her left front leg. I could see from a quick examination of her leg that the radius was completely broken in two. Parley was going into shock, sweat pouring off of her body.

Trainer, Carrie Allen and Parley

This is one of those times I am thankful to have a cell phone. I immediately began calling every local vet who’s number is stored in my phone. I needed one of them asap. Parley’s leg was broken beyond rapair. She needed to be put down. I am thankful that a vet was able to arrive in about thirty-five minutes. A truck to haul off her body was able to pick her up about forty-five minutes later.

In an hour and a half, a completely wonderful day was riddled with shock, tears and grief. I look back and see many things I am thankful for in the midst of such shocking and difficult circumstances: a dear friend; that I was on site and saw what happened; an available vet; consoling property owners; on site pain medication and an ability to rationally process the circumstances.

I’m sharing this with you, hoping to be a sorce of encouragement to anyone else who may experience something like this. Its easy to love our horses. Its not so easy to tragically loose them.

Parley and Carrie in April 2011

I now reminise about my five years with Parley, six if you count in utero. I have many happy memories and by far, the best ride ever, the day before she died.

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