OSU Dressage Team Beaver Piaffe Show

It is so wonderful when the time and training that you invest in a horse begins to pay off.  Such is the case with Esmerelda!

Yesterday we performed in Philomath in Training Test 1 and Training Test 2.  There was no place to safely lounge, so it was climb on and go.  This was only  Esmerelda’s second dressage show and she thinks that the show environment is VERY EXCITING!  She was doing airs above the ground in the warm-up ring.  However, when we made it into the show ring, I was able to have her attention focused on me and her job, most of the time.  She won both of her classes, Training Test 1 with a score of 66.67% and Training Test 2 with 69.46%!!  My partner, Catherine Ulrey and I are so proud of her!!

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