December 7, 2012

Chilly Day at the Barn

I am so silly to book the ferrier and body worker all in the same day! Who knew that it would be such a COLD day?  And isn’t the worse job ever in the barn, to hold horses for the ferrier or body worker?

So my morning started out holding horses for the ferrier.  I do have to say however, that Jeff Loe is such a wonderful ferrier!  He is very good at his job and very patient with the horses.  I do think because he is a fellow horseman, it helps him do his job well.  I am grateful that Southern Oregon has his talent here.   I, at In Motion Sport Horses, am EXTREMLY grateful to have him underneath all the equines that come into my care.

In Motion Sport Horses having ferrier work done

Jeff trimming Louie, the school horse

After finishing up with the ferrier, I had the privilege of holding yet more horses (in the cold!) for Annette Kuhlman of Equine Affections.  She is an amazing body worker.  The horses all love to have their time with her and the results of her work are really evident.  Calvin had his first body work experience today.  He was inquisitive and so cooperative.  

Warmblood getting body work done at In Motion Sport Horses

Annette adjusting Calvin’s hyoid bone


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