December 12, 2012

Calvin’s Winter Haircut

Calvin is a wooly boy! It is so difficult to cool out a horse who has a thick winter coat. In Motion Sport Horses simple solution for such a problem is to body or trace clip.

Calvin received his body clip a couple of weeks ago. He was such a good boy! After introducing the BIG clippers (he’s only been clipped with small ones a few times previously), I dropped the lead rope on the ground and started clipping. He stood so quiet and still and didn’t care at all about the big, loud clippers gliding all over his body.

Consider clipping your horse this winter if you plan to be riding regularly.  The results will be a happier, healthier horse and a happier you when it takes less time to cool out and get him dry!  Call me or email for quotes and scheduling.


Body clipped horse by In Motion Sport Horses

Calvin’s winter hair cut!


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