Winter Blanketing Tips

With winter blanketing, sometimes comes the problem of shoulder rubs. 

In Motion Sport Horses solution for a blanket rub

A blanket shoulder rub

Over the years of using many brands of blankets on many an equine, here is the best solution I have found for shoulder rubs:  Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin.  It is a very soft, flannel like, fabric with an adhesive backing.  It comes in a 2-pack of padded or 3-pack non-padded.  I prefer the non-padded.  You can use scissors to cut it for certain areas. 

Solution for blanket rubs at In Motion Sport Horses

A great solution for blanket rubs!

On a dry, clean, blanket it adheres very well and I have had it last throughout the season (not always).  It has even stuck to the blanket through a wash cycle.  

In Motion Sport Horses solution for blanket rubs

Moleskin placed on the inside of a winter blanket

 Hope this tip helps you solve a winter problem in your barn and causes your equine friends to be more comfortable!

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