February 3, 2013

High School Equestrian Meet

It is a real privilege to teach horses and humans! I consider myself fortunate to have wonderful students, one of which is Anna. She is a member of the Hidden Valley High School Equestrian Team. Their first meet of the year took place this weekend. 

Anna took on an OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred) as a project.  His name is Flyer.  He has a tendency to be a bit hot and tense.  Anna is doing such a great job being soft and quiet in her ride, providing  him reassurance.

Flyer got a bit herd bound at the competition, wondering were his trailer buddies were, but eventually settled and went to work in the warm up.  The dressage competition ring ran over an hour behind schedule.  When it was Anna and Flyer”s turn to enter the ring, he was a bit apprehensive, but a good boy.  Anna did a great job piloting Flyer through Training Level Test 3.  Flyer certainly showed his tense concerns, but was obedient. 

I am very proud of both of them!  Now we all head back to the practice ring in the next months and see how much improvement we can make together.

Anna, Flyer and Carrie

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