April 7, 2013

Calvin Saves the Day

Doesn’t every young girl dream of riding horses? So it would seem. A little girl named Ellie was about to have her dream become reality. However, her aunts very broke and beautiful dressage horse didn’t think a child should be riding her! The mare wouldn’t let Ellie onto her back, no matter what method of mounting was tried. Along comes Calvin….

Calvin giving Ellie a ride

Calvin giving Ellie a ride

I offered to let Ellie ride Calvin.  Her aunt agreed we should try.  So we tacked up Calvin and introduced him to his first very small rider.  Ellie’s cousin lifted her up onto Calvin’s back.  He was led around while Ellie smiled from ear to ear! 

Ellie's beautiful smile!

Ellie’s beautiful smile!

Not every young, slightly broke horse has such a kind and wonderful temperament as Calvin.  He is quite a wonderfully minded boy, who really made a day special for a young girl named Ellie.

Happy day for Ellie

Happy day for Ellie

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