April 22, 2013

SJD Spring Fling Dressage Show Results

The weather was perfect! Why can’t every show day be like that?  It was great to have help and support from clients and friends.   All in all, the day went wonderfully.

Calvin was stressed from “loosing” Esmerelda. He thought they should be attached at the hip…everywhere! He was however, really bold about being in completely unfamiliar surroundings. He just hollered for Esmerelda. He was obedient and a really good boy for his first show. Calvin was awarded a 63% for his Training Test 1, placing him 3rd and a 57% for Training Test 2, placing him 8th.  My perspective is he did really well for having about 90 days of training!

Esmerelda was undisturbed by Calvin’s hollers.  (Thankfully!)  She was such a good girl.  On Training Test 3 she scored a 64% and a 65% on First Level Test 1, winning both of her classes!  We do have our homework to do for the rest of the show season!

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