June 19, 2013

Upcoming Cascade Dressage I & II Show

I’m preping this week and leaving on Thursday for Cascade Dressage I & II show, in Tulelake, CA. My mornings are certainly going to be busy! On Saturday, Serpico competes at TL-1 at 8:26 and TL-2 at 9:30. Esmerelda competes at FL-3 at 10:38 and TL-3 at 11:45. On Sunday, Serpico competes at TL-1 at 8:08 and TL-2 at 8:48. Esmerelda competes at FL-2 at 9:51 and FL-3 at 11:05. One thing about it, when I’m done with my rides, I’ll be able to dress down and help out other competitors get ready for theirs!

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