July 10, 2013

Jumping July III~ Eastern Slope Ranch Jumping Clinic

Carrie Allen of In Motion Sport Horses, LLC teaching a jumping clinic

Our Sunday group from left to right: Annika Andersen, Marta Andersen, Marilyn Williams, Caitlin Robb and Carrie Allen

Under a beautiful eastern Oregon sky, a group of wonderful gals and their horses gathered awaiting instruction.  A jumping clinic has become an annual event at Eastern Slope Ranch.  I am privileged to be invited there as the clinician. 

Carrie Allen instucting a jumping clinic

Mattea and Mr. McKinley

We spent much of Saturday doing only flat work.  At the end of the day a circle of cavalettis were added and the horses and girls did several exercises over them. 

jumping clinic with Carrie Allen

Caitlin and Zeus working on position, roundness and throughness

On Sunday, we followed up with more flat work and then moved outside of the arena to the jumping field.  Each horse and rider pair had improved from the day prior and years past.  Even a young, green horse was happy to jump with his rider for the first time.

Horseback riding lesson with In Motion Sport Horses, LLC

Marta and Caden jumping the gate for the very first time!

Horseback riding instruction with Carrie Allen

Marilyn and Blue ~ legs down and hand up the crest!

Jumping clinic with Carrie Allen

Annika and Noche’ looking for the next fence

jumping lesson with In Motion Sport Horses, LLC

Our Saturday group taking a break while Carrie adjusts Daisy’s bridle. From left to right: Marilyn Williams, Annika Andersen, Sarah Backstrap, Caitlin Robb, Marta Andersen hiding behind Caitlin and Mattea

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