About the Trainer

My riding began at the age of three when my Mom and Dad caught me on a neighbors horse in our field. From that point on, I had several ponies and rode all over the small community where we resided. I was a 4-H member for years, all the way through high school.

Spent $2 on English riding lessons, bareback, before I had a saddle. I purchased my first English saddle for $100 when I was in the fourth grade. Half I already had saved and I borrowed the other half from the bank of older brother. Repayment was made by selling Current, Inc. stationary door to door from the back of my pony.

At the age of 15, I worked as a groom at the race track. At the age of 16, I started working for a regular paycheck at D-L Stables, where I learned to break colts under saddle. I was told by the trainer she no longer wanted to get on colts, but I was a kid and ”replaceable”! I also received my gallop and pony license at the race track that same year.

Between the ages of 18-20, I managed a small racing Quarter Horse farm. Over the next fourteen years, I galloped, ponied and trained at various NW race tracks. I also worked for various equestrian facilities and horse farms, starting colts, training, breeding, managing and horse husbandry.

Over the last eleven years I have: built, owned and managed Lazy C Stables, retrained off-track thoroughbreds to become sport horses and started young horses under saddle for various disciplines. I introduced green prospects to the world of horse shows.

I have bred and produced premium NA Oldenburg foals and owned racing Quarter Horses. I have trained, prepped, marketed and sold sport horse prospects. Managing a private sport horse facility was and is my speciality.

I house sit and I am willing to come to your facility to adapt my specialties to your needs.
Additionally, I’m proud of my references and will provide them on request.

If you like what you see and read, I hope you consider my training skills and expertise
for your equine adventures.

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