November 19, 2013

The Apple of Who’s Eye?

dressage prospect

Calvin’s eye ~ at close range!


Here’s a Just For Fun photo with In Motion Sport Horses. Can you see the colors of the camera and clothing worn by the shooter of the camera?

April 22, 2013

SJD Spring Fling Dressage Show Results

The weather was perfect! Why can’t every show day be like that?  It was great to have help and support from clients and friends.   All in all, the day went wonderfully.

Calvin was stressed from “loosing” Esmerelda. He thought they should be attached at the hip…everywhere! He was however, really bold about being in completely unfamiliar surroundings. He just hollered for Esmerelda. He was obedient and a really good boy for his first show. Calvin was awarded a 63% for his Training Test 1, placing him 3rd and a 57% for Training Test 2, placing him 8th.  My perspective is he did really well for having about 90 days of training!

Esmerelda was undisturbed by Calvin’s hollers.  (Thankfully!)  She was such a good girl.  On Training Test 3 she scored a 64% and a 65% on First Level Test 1, winning both of her classes!  We do have our homework to do for the rest of the show season!

April 20, 2013

SJD Spring Fling Dressage Show

Here are the ride times for tomorrow’s SJD Spring Fling Dressage Show at Cygnet Farm, in Talent Oregon. Calvin performs Training Test 1 at 9:16a and Training Test 2 at 10:56a. Esmerelda performs Training Test 3 at 12:13p and First Level Test 1 at 1:26p. Hope to see you there!

April 15, 2013

Calvin’s First Horse Show

Calvin says he is ready

Calvin says he is ready

Calvin is getting ready for his first horse show, the SJD Spring Fling Dressage League Show. It is next Sunday on April 21st, at Cygnet Farm in Talent Oregon. The boy will be competing at Training Level Test 1 and 2. He accomplished quite a nice shoulder-in today, which greatly improved his trot! We shall see what the judges have to say.

April 7, 2013

Calvin Saves the Day

Doesn’t every young girl dream of riding horses? So it would seem. A little girl named Ellie was about to have her dream become reality. However, her aunts very broke and beautiful dressage horse didn’t think a child should be riding her! The mare wouldn’t let Ellie onto her back, no matter what method of mounting was tried. Along comes Calvin….

Calvin giving Ellie a ride

Calvin giving Ellie a ride

I offered to let Ellie ride Calvin.  Her aunt agreed we should try.  So we tacked up Calvin and introduced him to his first very small rider.  Ellie’s cousin lifted her up onto Calvin’s back.  He was led around while Ellie smiled from ear to ear! 

Ellie's beautiful smile!

Ellie’s beautiful smile!

Not every young, slightly broke horse has such a kind and wonderful temperament as Calvin.  He is quite a wonderfully minded boy, who really made a day special for a young girl named Ellie.

Happy day for Ellie

Happy day for Ellie

April 3, 2013

Calvin’s Recent Trail Ride

What is better than A trail ride? Two trail rides, two days in a row! Yesterday was Wrigley’s trail debut!  What a terrific boy he was. 

Tina with two tired boys!  Wrigley on the left and Rhythm on the right

Tina with two tired boys! Wrigley on the left and Rhythm on the right

Today I had the privilege of taking Calvin on his 4th trail ride. He is getting the hang of it. I do believe it is really helping him to build his balance, muscles and stamina. Thanks to two wonderful friends, Tina and Judi, for transportation, laughs and company!

Photographer Tina making good use of her quadpod, Rythum (ears and head included in the picture) Judi on Beuno and Carrie on Calvin

Photographer Tina making good use of her quadpod, Rhythm (ears and head included in the picture) Judi on Bueno and Carrie on Calvin

Now Calvin is being a good quadpod, capturing Tina on Rythum and Judi on Bueno, among the beautiful wild flowers

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January 2, 2013

Calvin’s First Trail Ride

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Calvin went on his first and second trail rides this last week! He is such a good boy. After working in the arena for awhile, I rode him to a gate that goes out the back of the property.  I asked him to side pass over close enough to it so I could unsnap the chain that holds it closed.  After a couple of attempts, he stood totally still while I opened the gate. 

Of course Joy is always so excited to go trail riding!  She led the way for us.  In Calvin’s opinion, there was only one scary thing on the first ride.  It was a dog attached to his dog house.  Not sure if the dog or the house was the scary thing, but regardless, I could feel Calvin’s heart beating between my calves!  However, he stood still and never tried to bolt, rear or do anything stupid, as he contemplated these scary objects.  Within a couple of minutes, he decided he could go forward and trotted off past the dog.  On the way back, his walk was very relaxed until we reached the dog.  At that point, his walked quickened a bit. 

On his second ride out, we took the same route, but added a bit more distance.  I opened and closed the gate (both days) from his back, with no problem.  He walked right past the dog!  He seems very bold and confident and like he really enjoyed his outings!  At one point, a couple of ducks flew up out of the water which bordered the path we were on.  He startled for a second, but never even missed a walk stride.  This is one REALLY good minded boy!  These two days mark his 20th and 21st ride!  What a good, young gelding Calvin is!

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December 12, 2012

Calvin’s Winter Haircut

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Calvin is a wooly boy! It is so difficult to cool out a horse who has a thick winter coat. In Motion Sport Horses simple solution for such a problem is to body or trace clip.

Calvin received his body clip a couple of weeks ago. He was such a good boy! After introducing the BIG clippers (he’s only been clipped with small ones a few times previously), I dropped the lead rope on the ground and started clipping. He stood so quiet and still and didn’t care at all about the big, loud clippers gliding all over his body.

Consider clipping your horse this winter if you plan to be riding regularly.  The results will be a happier, healthier horse and a happier you when it takes less time to cool out and get him dry!  Call me or email for quotes and scheduling.


Body clipped horse by In Motion Sport Horses

Calvin’s winter hair cut!


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December 7, 2012

Chilly Day at the Barn

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I am so silly to book the ferrier and body worker all in the same day! Who knew that it would be such a COLD day?  And isn’t the worse job ever in the barn, to hold horses for the ferrier or body worker?

So my morning started out holding horses for the ferrier.  I do have to say however, that Jeff Loe is such a wonderful ferrier!  He is very good at his job and very patient with the horses.  I do think because he is a fellow horseman, it helps him do his job well.  I am grateful that Southern Oregon has his talent here.   I, at In Motion Sport Horses, am EXTREMLY grateful to have him underneath all the equines that come into my care.

In Motion Sport Horses having ferrier work done

Jeff trimming Louie, the school horse

After finishing up with the ferrier, I had the privilege of holding yet more horses (in the cold!) for Annette Kuhlman of Equine Affections.  She is an amazing body worker.  The horses all love to have their time with her and the results of her work are really evident.  Calvin had his first body work experience today.  He was inquisitive and so cooperative.  

Warmblood getting body work done at In Motion Sport Horses

Annette adjusting Calvin’s hyoid bone


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October 1, 2012


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In Motion Sport Horses, LLC has acquired a new horse!  This is Calvin, a three year old Warmblood/TB cross.    He has already begun his elementary education here, and has learned to wear a saddle and bridle, lounge, tie, clip and be bathed.  Not bad for just two weeks of training.  He seems to be a smart and willing young guy with a sweet disposition.  With his lovely movement he is destined for the dressage show ring and perhaps with more maturity, the hunter ring as well. We’ll keep you up to date on Calvin’s progress.


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