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The Apple of Who’s Eye?

  Here’s a Just For Fun photo with In Motion Sport Horses. Can you see the colors of the camera and clothing worn by the shooter of the camera?

SJD Spring Fling Dressage Show Results

The weather was perfect! Why can’t every show day be like that?  It was great to have help and support from clients and friends.   All in all, the day went wonderfully. Calvin was stressed from “loosing” Esmerelda. He thought they should be attached at the hip…everywhere! He was however, really bold about being in completely unfamiliar surroundings. […]

SJD Spring Fling Dressage Show

Here are the ride times for tomorrow’s SJD Spring Fling Dressage Show at Cygnet Farm, in Talent Oregon. Calvin performs Training Test 1 at 9:16a and Training Test 2 at 10:56a. Esmerelda performs Training Test 3 at 12:13p and First Level Test 1 at 1:26p. Hope to see you there!

Calvin’s First Horse Show

Calvin is getting ready for his first horse show, the SJD Spring Fling Dressage League Show. It is next Sunday on April 21st, at Cygnet Farm in Talent Oregon. The boy will be competing at Training Level Test 1 and 2. He accomplished quite a nice shoulder-in today, which greatly improved his trot! We shall […]

Calvin Saves the Day

Doesn’t every young girl dream of riding horses? So it would seem. A little girl named Ellie was about to have her dream become reality. However, her aunts very broke and beautiful dressage horse didn’t think a child should be riding her! The mare wouldn’t let Ellie onto her back, no matter what method of […]

Calvin’s Recent Trail Ride

What is better than A trail ride? Two trail rides, two days in a row! Yesterday was Wrigley’s trail debut!  What a terrific boy he was.  Today I had the privilege of taking Calvin on his 4th trail ride. He is getting the hang of it. I do believe it is really helping him to […]

Calvin’s First Trail Ride

Calvin went on his first and second trail rides this last week! He is such a good boy. After working in the arena for awhile, I rode him to a gate that goes out the back of the property.  I asked him to side pass over close enough to it so I could unsnap the […]

Calvin’s Winter Haircut

Calvin is a wooly boy! It is so difficult to cool out a horse who has a thick winter coat. In Motion Sport Horses simple solution for such a problem is to body or trace clip. Calvin received his body clip a couple of weeks ago. He was such a good boy! After introducing the BIG clippers […]

Chilly Day at the Barn

I am so silly to book the ferrier and body worker all in the same day! Who knew that it would be such a COLD day?  And isn’t the worse job ever in the barn, to hold horses for the ferrier or body worker? So my morning started out holding horses for the ferrier.  I do […]


In Motion Sport Horses, LLC has acquired a new horse!  This is Calvin, a three year old Warmblood/TB cross.    He has already begun his elementary education here, and has learned to wear a saddle and bridle, lounge, tie, clip and be bathed.  Not bad for just two weeks of training.  He seems to be a […]