May 31, 2014

Muti-Purpose Mares

Who says that dressage horses should just know dressage? Here at In Motion Sport Horses, I think horses should have opportunities to learn and experience different things. In this group of pictures, Tinkerbell is learning to be a pony horse, while Esmerelda learns to be ponied.

Ponying at In Motion Sport Horses

Tinkerbell ponying Esmerelda ~ getting the task figured out

The two mares, both of which compete at dressage, took to this new task readily.  I told Tinkerbell if she needs a second job, she could get one at the track as a pony!  She certainly would be the prettiest one there.

Carrie Allen Ponying Dressage Horses

Yep, figured it out. Ready for trot.

December 19, 2013

Santa Comes To Visit Esmerelda

Warmblood in training with In Motion Sport Horses

Esmerelda and Santa

Not every horse is so fortunate to have Santa stop by and feed her carrots! Esmerelda, however, this year got a visit from the red and white clad Santa! She seemed most intrigued by the white curls that encompassed Santa’s face!  I wonder what is on her wish list…..

Are there carrots hiding in here?

Are there carrots hiding in here?

June 26, 2013

Cascade Dressage I & II Results

It was a successful and safe weekend in Tulelake CA. The weather was great Thursday through Saturday and we woke up to drizzling rain on Sunday. I am soooooo thankful to Jeff Loe, my wonderful farrier, who had tapped Esmerelda’s shoes, equipping them for studs. They certainly were needed by Sunday late morning!

I am supper proud of Serpico WSF, who attended his second show stateside.  He is such a good boy for being a stallion and not really being exposed to horse social settings until recently.  He was inattentive during his first test each day, but by the second test was really focused on the job at hand.  His scores on Saturday for Training Test 1 were 59.167% and Training Test 2 improved to 66.429%, winning the class!  On Sunday, he scored a 60.208% in Training Test 1 and improved to a 67.857% in Training Test 2, again winning his class!  I’m supper excited about Serpico’s potential to continue to learn and improve.

Esmerelda’s first test on Saturday didn’t go so well.  I will save that story for another blog on a different day!  Bottom line was “eliminated”!  She recovered with a qualifying score of 70.600% at Training Test 3, winning the class.  On Sunday, she scored a 64.459% at First Level Test 2 and a 69.677% at First Level Test 3.  Esmerelda also earned the High Point Award for Oldenburg NA at Saturday’s show.

All in all I will say that it was a good weekend of showing and one in whick I learned a lot!   I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to learn and campaign such wonderful horses for wonderful people! 

I am truly grateful for such wonderful friends and helpers in Tina Venzon, Solbrit Hill, Sonja Johstone, and Cassi Soule.  Each one of you made the weekend go smoothly!  Thanks!

June 19, 2013

Upcoming Cascade Dressage I & II Show

I’m preping this week and leaving on Thursday for Cascade Dressage I & II show, in Tulelake, CA. My mornings are certainly going to be busy! On Saturday, Serpico competes at TL-1 at 8:26 and TL-2 at 9:30. Esmerelda competes at FL-3 at 10:38 and TL-3 at 11:45. On Sunday, Serpico competes at TL-1 at 8:08 and TL-2 at 8:48. Esmerelda competes at FL-2 at 9:51 and FL-3 at 11:05. One thing about it, when I’m done with my rides, I’ll be able to dress down and help out other competitors get ready for theirs!

June 5, 2013

Up Coming Central Oregon Dressage Classic I & II

Esmerelda and I are headed to Brasada Ranch in Powell Butte this weekend for our next dressage show, the Central Oregon Dressage Classic I & II.  Saturday’s ride times are 1:25 and 2:45.  Sunday’s ride times are 9:54 and 1:34.  All rides are in First Level.  We shall see!  If you’re in the neighborhood, come watch and be entertained.

Carrie Allen riding Esmerelda


May 31, 2013

Lesson with Debbie Evans

Yesterday I had the privilege of riding Esmerelda with Debbie Evans. What a great lesson! Debbie really helped us to fill some gaps between training and first level, working mainly on submission.  I’m looking forward to saddling up today to duplicate yesterdays ride! Many thanks to Marleen Dierkes who transported us, along with her big warmblood boy, Stinker.

Working on submission through the poll.

Working on submission through the poll.

I love riding and learning, so it is always easy to smile for the camera at such occasions!

I love riding and learning, so it is always easy to smile for the camera at such occasions!

May 23, 2013

Heart of the Valley Show Results

As a horse trainer in Southern Oregon, I take my job seriously when a client entrusts their horse to my care and training.  Consistent riding, continued education, and hard work do pay off.  Here is proof!

Our last and final test of the show was on Sunday, late morning.  Not a flawless test, but wow, Esmerelda’s gaits felt great!  I do think the judge was generous.   We won the class with a score of 77.800%!   I am still pinching myself! 

I am so thankful to be training for dressage such a wonderful mare. Thanks to Catherine Ulrey for providing the dressage training opportunity. Thanks too, to Mija Paris and her wonderful group of ladies who allowed us to stable with them. I appreciate the camaraderie! Thanks to Debbie Becklin for the ride to the show grounds. And many thanks to Mija Paris and Cassi Soule for reading!

May 21, 2013

Heart of the Valley Dressage Show Results

Second day of the show arrives. Below is video of Esmerelda performing Training Test 2.  We finished second in this class with a score of 66.607%.

May 19, 2013

Heart of the Valley Dressage Show Results

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Here’s the video of Esmerelda competing at Training Test 3 on Saturday. Sorry for the technical difficulties, but it is still worth watching for the excitement at “B”!  Even with the excitment, we managed to pull off a 64.800%, placing us second in the class.

May 15, 2013

Heart of the Valley Dressage Show Results

After lots of planning and coordinating, Esmerelda and I were swooped up on Friday morning in a beautiful baby semi and living quarters trailer. Thank you Debbie for the ride!  We all made it safely to Devonwood, the show grounds in Sherwood Oregon. After getting the horses settled we schooled and rode around the beautiful grounds. I am soooo glad that Catherine Ulrey, Esmerelda’s owner was able to attend the show.

Our first test on Saturday was Training Level Test 2. 

What a good girl!  She scored a 72.679%, winning the class!