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Horse Camping

I really missed my annual horse camping trip this year. I guess the season isn’t over yet, but the group of wonderful ladies I usually go with aren’t available for such fun this summer. In spite of the work the trip entails; packing and loading camping equipment for both horses and humans, I REALLY like […]

Frog in a Blog

I got the biggest surprise when I put my gloves on today. There was something squishy inside of one of them. I quickly drew back my fingers and glanced inside. There, staying cool I presume, was a tiny frog! Smiling, I released him to go catch bugs. The gloves then slipped right onto my hands […]

Sincere Condolances

What a difficult thing it is to lose a horse, whether it be tragic, illness or age related. Horses are such an incredible animal that it is very easy for us to become very emotionally attached. Such is one of In Motion Sport Horses students, Shannon. Shannon has owned Casino, an OTTB gelding, turned hunter-jumper, […]

Galloping, Galloping, Gone!

For many, many years I enjoyed the work of exercising and training horses at various race tracks.    Here are a few pictures of those days gone by in my horsey life. I do have to say, I was very fit back then.  It was like doing three hours of aerobics each morning. The horses […]

A Puzzling Thing

How does a human who is leading a horse after a 25 minute ride, in an instant, find themselves forcefully pulled through the air and thrown to the ground, but while quickly standing up, finds the horse on the ground too? Sure wish I had video of this.  I imagine we would all watch it […]

The Barn Loft

Why is it that putting hay into the barn usually happens on the hottest days of the year? Does it have something to do with “make hay while the sun shines”? I think it must. All I have to say is that I am very thankful to have a dry place to store a winter’s […]


It’s always so wonderful to get news from a client that her horse won a race! This particular horse is a beautiful thoroughbred named Taba’s Gold. I started Taba under saddle a couple of years ago. She broke her maiden, going a mile at Golden Gate Fields. Congratulations to Jay and Sally Reid, Taba’s owners […]

Calvin Saves the Day

Doesn’t every young girl dream of riding horses? So it would seem. A little girl named Ellie was about to have her dream become reality. However, her aunts very broke and beautiful dressage horse didn’t think a child should be riding her! The mare wouldn’t let Ellie onto her back, no matter what method of […]

High School Equestrian Meet

It is a real privilege to teach horses and humans! I consider myself fortunate to have wonderful students, one of which is Anna. She is a member of the Hidden Valley High School Equestrian Team. Their first meet of the year took place this weekend.  Anna took on an OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred) as a […]

A Future Hope

I hope when I am 70 years young, I too will be able to blog such a wonderful story! Read, smile, drop a tear or two and enjoy this link.