September 12, 2014

Horse Camping

I really missed my annual horse camping trip this year. I guess the season isn’t over yet, but the group of wonderful ladies I usually go with aren’t available for such fun this summer.

Trail riding with In Motion Sport Horses

A bit of a damp last day at Gates Horse Camp, 2009

In spite of the work the trip entails; packing and loading camping equipment for both horses and humans, I REALLY like going! Perhaps I’m just so accustom to working so many hours a day, I don’t see it as extra work!

Trail rides with In Motion Sport Horses

Resting and eating between rides.

I generally use the trip to introduce young horses to the experience.  Trail riding is so very good for all horses, but especially those who are at the beginning stages of their training or busy training and competing.

Horse Camping and trail riding with Carrie Allen

A youngster learning to open a gate.


I love listening to the horses as they chew their hay and move around. I really enjoy the camp fire, smoke and all! The rides through my beautiful state are a bonus.  Did I mention the incredible food? This is one camper that does not bring hot dogs and pork and beans!  Gourmet only!  We generally bar-b-q, have incredible salads, veggies and tons of amazing deserts! The comradory among good friends is priceless.  This is the reason I especially miss going horse camping this year!

horse camping with Carrie Allen

No horse camping trip is complete without a game of “Whoa Trivia”!

August 11, 2013

The View From My Saddle

Haflinger trail riding with Carrie Allen aboard.

Carrie on Flawless at Willow Prairie horse camp. Joy is learning to be a good trail dog.

I must be one of the most privileged trainers on the planet!  Just look at the view from my saddle today!  

Westlife and Carrie on an afternoon trail excursion

Westlife and Carrie on an afternoon trail excursion

I think keeping horses happy in their work is really important.  One of my approaches to accomplishing this is by cross training.  No matter what discipline a horses training is focus upon, trail rides are so beneficial for the horse.  The horse must use different muscle groups for this type of work and certainly the horses balance is improved on, as well.  The exposure to a new and changing environment is also stimulating to the horses mind.  I think this really helps to keep the horses mind fresh and interested in work. 

Warmblood in training with Carrie Allen

A single file bridge crossing. Carrie and Parley

Currently I can tack-up and trail ride right out of the barn.  This certainly makes it simple to add trail riding as part of my cross training.  If you must load up and haul to trail ride, I still recommend doing so.  The extra added effort will pay off in the long run of keeping your horses mind and body refreshed.  It is always best if you can use the buddy system to trail ride.  Not only does this provide an amount of back-up, should one of you run into trouble, but multiple horses and humans get out to enjoy the scenery!

Trail riding with In Motion Sport Horses

Trail riding with friends is always more fun! Pictures taken from my “quad-pod”! — Parley

April 3, 2013

Calvin’s Recent Trail Ride

What is better than A trail ride? Two trail rides, two days in a row! Yesterday was Wrigley’s trail debut!  What a terrific boy he was. 

Tina with two tired boys!  Wrigley on the left and Rhythm on the right

Tina with two tired boys! Wrigley on the left and Rhythm on the right

Today I had the privilege of taking Calvin on his 4th trail ride. He is getting the hang of it. I do believe it is really helping him to build his balance, muscles and stamina. Thanks to two wonderful friends, Tina and Judi, for transportation, laughs and company!

Photographer Tina making good use of her quadpod, Rythum (ears and head included in the picture) Judi on Beuno and Carrie on Calvin

Photographer Tina making good use of her quadpod, Rhythm (ears and head included in the picture) Judi on Bueno and Carrie on Calvin

Now Calvin is being a good quadpod, capturing Tina on Rythum and Judi on Bueno, among the beautiful wild flowers

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January 2, 2013

Calvin’s First Trail Ride

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Calvin went on his first and second trail rides this last week! He is such a good boy. After working in the arena for awhile, I rode him to a gate that goes out the back of the property.  I asked him to side pass over close enough to it so I could unsnap the chain that holds it closed.  After a couple of attempts, he stood totally still while I opened the gate. 

Of course Joy is always so excited to go trail riding!  She led the way for us.  In Calvin’s opinion, there was only one scary thing on the first ride.  It was a dog attached to his dog house.  Not sure if the dog or the house was the scary thing, but regardless, I could feel Calvin’s heart beating between my calves!  However, he stood still and never tried to bolt, rear or do anything stupid, as he contemplated these scary objects.  Within a couple of minutes, he decided he could go forward and trotted off past the dog.  On the way back, his walk was very relaxed until we reached the dog.  At that point, his walked quickened a bit. 

On his second ride out, we took the same route, but added a bit more distance.  I opened and closed the gate (both days) from his back, with no problem.  He walked right past the dog!  He seems very bold and confident and like he really enjoyed his outings!  At one point, a couple of ducks flew up out of the water which bordered the path we were on.  He startled for a second, but never even missed a walk stride.  This is one REALLY good minded boy!  These two days mark his 20th and 21st ride!  What a good, young gelding Calvin is!

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August 20, 2012

New Adventures with Horses

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Here’s an awesome story written by a dear friend, about a recent horse camping experience we had together. Yes, even as a horse trainier in Southern Oregon, my vacations include riding horses! Enjoy the read!


Here's Kathy, the story's author, on her first trail ride.


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