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Horse Camping

I really missed my annual horse camping trip this year. I guess the season isn’t over yet, but the group of wonderful ladies I usually go with aren’t available for such fun this summer. In spite of the work the trip entails; packing and loading camping equipment for both horses and humans, I REALLY like […]

The View From My Saddle

I must be one of the most privileged trainers on the planet!  Just look at the view from my saddle today!   I think keeping horses happy in their work is really important.  One of my approaches to accomplishing this is by cross training.  No matter what discipline a horses training is focus upon, trail rides […]

Calvin’s Recent Trail Ride

What is better than A trail ride? Two trail rides, two days in a row! Yesterday was Wrigley’s trail debut!  What a terrific boy he was.  Today I had the privilege of taking Calvin on his 4th trail ride. He is getting the hang of it. I do believe it is really helping him to […]

Calvin’s First Trail Ride

Calvin went on his first and second trail rides this last week! He is such a good boy. After working in the arena for awhile, I rode him to a gate that goes out the back of the property.  I asked him to side pass over close enough to it so I could unsnap the […]

New Adventures with Horses

Here’s an awesome story written by a dear friend, about a recent horse camping experience we had together. Yes, even as a horse trainier in Southern Oregon, my vacations include riding horses! Enjoy the read!