August 11, 2013

The View From My Saddle

Haflinger trail riding with Carrie Allen aboard.

Carrie on Flawless at Willow Prairie horse camp. Joy is learning to be a good trail dog.

I must be one of the most privileged trainers on the planet!  Just look at the view from my saddle today!  

Westlife and Carrie on an afternoon trail excursion

Westlife and Carrie on an afternoon trail excursion

I think keeping horses happy in their work is really important.  One of my approaches to accomplishing this is by cross training.  No matter what discipline a horses training is focus upon, trail rides are so beneficial for the horse.  The horse must use different muscle groups for this type of work and certainly the horses balance is improved on, as well.  The exposure to a new and changing environment is also stimulating to the horses mind.  I think this really helps to keep the horses mind fresh and interested in work. 

Warmblood in training with Carrie Allen

A single file bridge crossing. Carrie and Parley

Currently I can tack-up and trail ride right out of the barn.  This certainly makes it simple to add trail riding as part of my cross training.  If you must load up and haul to trail ride, I still recommend doing so.  The extra added effort will pay off in the long run of keeping your horses mind and body refreshed.  It is always best if you can use the buddy system to trail ride.  Not only does this provide an amount of back-up, should one of you run into trouble, but multiple horses and humans get out to enjoy the scenery!

Trail riding with In Motion Sport Horses

Trail riding with friends is always more fun! Pictures taken from my “quad-pod”! — Parley

July 4, 2013

Jumping July II

Heres a video of Westlife WSF over fences. He is an 8 year old, imported, Silver Certified Haflinger stallion. He stands 14.2. He is a talented little package of horse! Westlife loves to jump and has a lot of scope. He is priced at $12,500.

July 2, 2013

Jumping July

In the midst of the Southern Oregon inferno, what better equine activity than to jump!

Jumping horse For Sale

Westlife ~ First day over the quarter round

Here is Westlife WSF. He is an imported, Silver Certified Haflinger Stallion.  Westlife is 8 years old and stands 14.2 hands tall.  He has recently been introduced to jumping and LOVES it!  He is FOR SALE and priced at $12,500. as a stallion, less as a gelding.

jumping with In Motion Sport Horses

Now over the picket we go!

June 26, 2013

Cascade Dressage I & II Results

It was a successful and safe weekend in Tulelake CA. The weather was great Thursday through Saturday and we woke up to drizzling rain on Sunday. I am soooooo thankful to Jeff Loe, my wonderful farrier, who had tapped Esmerelda’s shoes, equipping them for studs. They certainly were needed by Sunday late morning!

I am supper proud of Serpico WSF, who attended his second show stateside.  He is such a good boy for being a stallion and not really being exposed to horse social settings until recently.  He was inattentive during his first test each day, but by the second test was really focused on the job at hand.  His scores on Saturday for Training Test 1 were 59.167% and Training Test 2 improved to 66.429%, winning the class!  On Sunday, he scored a 60.208% in Training Test 1 and improved to a 67.857% in Training Test 2, again winning his class!  I’m supper excited about Serpico’s potential to continue to learn and improve.

Esmerelda’s first test on Saturday didn’t go so well.  I will save that story for another blog on a different day!  Bottom line was “eliminated”!  She recovered with a qualifying score of 70.600% at Training Test 3, winning the class.  On Sunday, she scored a 64.459% at First Level Test 2 and a 69.677% at First Level Test 3.  Esmerelda also earned the High Point Award for Oldenburg NA at Saturday’s show.

All in all I will say that it was a good weekend of showing and one in whick I learned a lot!   I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to learn and campaign such wonderful horses for wonderful people! 

I am truly grateful for such wonderful friends and helpers in Tina Venzon, Solbrit Hill, Sonja Johstone, and Cassi Soule.  Each one of you made the weekend go smoothly!  Thanks!

June 19, 2013

Upcoming Cascade Dressage I & II Show

I’m preping this week and leaving on Thursday for Cascade Dressage I & II show, in Tulelake, CA. My mornings are certainly going to be busy! On Saturday, Serpico competes at TL-1 at 8:26 and TL-2 at 9:30. Esmerelda competes at FL-3 at 10:38 and TL-3 at 11:45. On Sunday, Serpico competes at TL-1 at 8:08 and TL-2 at 8:48. Esmerelda competes at FL-2 at 9:51 and FL-3 at 11:05. One thing about it, when I’m done with my rides, I’ll be able to dress down and help out other competitors get ready for theirs!

June 16, 2013

CCTA League Show Results, Tulelake, CA

Under bright blue skies with a slight breeze, riders and horses are gathered for a small league show in Tulelake, CA.  My mounts for the day were Haflingers Flawless WSF and Serpico WSF.  This was the first show for Flawless and Serpico’s first show stateside.

Flawless, a green three year old, competed at Intro Level in Test A and B.  She was calm, sensible and obedient being so young, green and in a completely new environment.  She won both of her classes with scores of  63% and 65%!  I am super proud of this upcoming star.  Flawless is currently in full-time dressage training.  She is so talented and has the potential for any sport horse discipline, as well as trail and pleasure riding.  If you are in the market for a highly trainable horse, Flawless could be your girl.

Carrie Allen riding a 3 yr old Haflinger

Flawless WSF warming up for her first test

Haflinger in training with In Motion Sport Horses

Entering the ring

Serpico, a six-year-old stallion, was imported from Germany 3 years ago.  He was shown there as a three-year old and has been in dressage training and the breeding shed since arriving in the US.  He competed at First Level, Test 1 and 2.  He won both of his classes with scores of 60% and 61%! 

Carrie Allen riding a haflinger

Serpico WSF beginning a 20 meter trot circle

Haflinger in training with In Motion Sport Horses

A final salute!

Both of these Haflingers will be attending the Cascade Dressage I & II show next weekend at Tulelake!  Come join us if you can!